The Cliff Poetry Review is honored to present the work of Allison Eir Jenks who writes of herself...

"I am 24 and in the M.F.A. program at the University Of Miami on a James A. Michener Fellowship and I teach creative writing. I am also managing editor of the Mangrove Literary Magazine. Iím from Chicago and have a B.A. in English from the University Of Illinois.

"Recent prizes include nomination for the Masters Literary Award, by Center Press in which a publication contract will be issued at the end of the year, and a place in The Scottish Intenational Poetry Open Competition of 1996 sponsored by The Ayrshire Writersí & Artistsí Society.

"I have published one book of poetry called The Liquid In Love (Aegina Press) and have been published in nearly 100 anthologies, journals and Internet publications. The most recent ones are: Poet Lore, Art Times, Anthology Magazine, Tessera, Collages and Bricolages, The Explorer, Dream International Quarterly, InterBang, Paramour, The Laureate Letter, Sivullinen (Finland), Lexicon (Australia), and Paperplates (Canada), also (Internet) Switched On Gutenburg, The Internet Herald ,The Trincoll Journal and Crisp.

"I am also included in an anthology called I Scream America by Dharma Bums Publications, Orlando, FL, which will be available in April of 1997. Currently I am studying with John Balaban and Fred DíAguair. Past teachers have been Paul Hoover, Sterling Plumpp and Brigit Kelley. "

Allison Eir Jenks
P.O. Box 145034
Coral Gables, FL., 33114

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