Welcome to Cliff College's new online edition of its world-reknowned
poetry journal.

Join us as we begin a world-wide adventure in publishing by taking advantage of the World Wide Web to solicit sumbmissions for a "living" poetry journal -- as fluid as the Web itself. We invite you to enter your contribution in the form box below. (Please remember to include your writing credit as you want it to appear, unless you're the Anonymous type).


Your name as you wish it to appear with your poem:

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You're finished. You're really finished. You don't want to change a single word. It's time to SUBMIT YOUR POEM below.

Being poets, we make no promises about exactly when we will run our favorites... or even if we will. Or even if we'll have any favorites. We could be depressed and muse on what it would be like to lie in our own coffins and decide to trash all the entries. Or, we might feel exhilerated because we've discovered true love and have devised the most perfect rhyme to express it (something along the lines of Dove bar/Love's car/Shovels tar... get the picture?), in which case we'll undoubtedly stay up all night appreciating every word you've all submitted. But, either way, it's a lovely experiment and we hope you'll participate. After you've decided whether to go the abab rhyme scheme route, or be bold and try abba, you might want to read some of the work we've published so far. We certainly hope so.

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