Cliff College Student Housing

Cliff College offers a wide variety of residential opportunities for our student body. Our most popular is, of course, the traditional housing to be found in the dormitories where 50-120 undergraduate members of the College Community can live together and enjoy a "classic college experience". Check out life in our oldest standing dormitory (pictured above), Christie House.

Also available are smaller, more independent facilities, the Cliff Townhouses, which have been built in the past decade. These are 4-bedroom units with fully-equipped kitchens and living rooms.

All on-campus housing has been upgraded in the past three years with state-of-the-art wiring and cabling to accomodate the demands of students' computer, audio and video equipment configurations.

The Student Housing Office will also assist students in finding off-campus accomodations from among rental properties available in the Cliffton vicinity.

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