Christie House

Since the recent demolition of Sayers House, Christie House now holds the distinction of being the oldest building on the Cliff College campus. Completed in 1903 according to the design of the second Mrs. Clifford (Abigail Slater) Cliff III, Christie House has housed Cliff students for the past 93 years. Current residents can enjoy the traditional style and grace of Victorian architecture and at the same time, thanks to recent renovations, not worry about the draughts and leaks which had plagued students for most of that time. In fact, despite appearances, Christie House is a state-of-the-art student housing facility with ISDN phone lines, zoned heating and air-conditioning, cable television and more than adequate electrical supply for all of the appliances and equipment used by a student body racing headlong into the 21st Century!

2-NW (that would be the 2nd floor NorthWest hall group of rooms) is representative of the enormous variety to be found in this or any other dormitory. There are four women and six men living here, who come from totally diverse backgrounds and possessed of completely different interests. Among them are...

Dylan Atkins, a second-generation Cliff student who was raised in Des Moines, Iowa. Dylan is a member of the Class of '99 and anticipates that he will be a Drama major. Currently, Dylan spends most of his time directing himself and the rest of the cast for his upcoming production of Pygmalion

Clifford Cliff VI and, across the hall as she has been all his life, his twin sister, Carly Cliff, are direct descendents of the College's founder. Though they have a magnificent home just off campus, they have opted for the "real college thing" that dorm living provides for freshmen.

Sunny Southern expects to collect her B.S. in Archæology next year and then study at all the best dumps and landfills of the world. Don't mistake the condition of her room for being just a typical, college dorm pigsty -- that garbage you see in there is research material!

Hailing from St. Paul is Jonas Olson, a junior who, as all readers of The Miscellany News know, is an up-and-coming investigative journalist. He hasn't much time to socialize, let alone clean up his room, since he spends most of his time chasing down and then writing up breaking news stories for The Misc. But for his sources, Jonas' closest relationship is probably with Tony, the late-night delivery guy from The Pizza Joint.

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