Office of Campus Security

Campus Security man Ty Powell tosses a bagel to his fellow Security Man, Oliver Hagger. Being a purely armchair athlete, Ty's aim is way off, causing Olie to lunge. The Vietnam vet feels a stabbing pain in his leg stump as he twists, and another in his arm stump as he reaches, but he barely notices, pain being his constant companion.

"What the hell you call this?" he asks. "You takin' up Yid food?" He opens up the bagel and inspects the contents -- peanut butter.

"Jews got a lot to offer," replies Ty, "look at Sandy Koufax."

"What have they done for me lately? I've tasted Gefarter fish, and I ain't impressed." But he wolfs down the bagel nonetheless.

"They got a tight Army," says Ty. "Gotta give 'em that."

Olie nods in reluctant agreement. "I hear the Cliff kid done passed major cash to Thor Louerdahl." His lips smacked as he said "major", sticking momentarily on peanut butter smudged at the corners of his mouth.

"Yeah? So?" replied Ty. "He's a gambler just like his Daddy. Ain't no shock him goin' to the Cosa Norske for a bridge loan."

Olie mulled this over as he adjusted his upper prosthesis to scratch an itch beneath it. "Could be," he said, "but you wonder where he got the scratch. Ten "G"s I hear."

Ty looked up curiously: "You sayin' he snatched the Schuyler Theatre box office?"

Olie wiped his mouth with his sleeve, tracing his forearm with a tan smear. "I ain't sayin' nothin'," he said.

"Cause I'd hate to make any accusingizations against the Old Lady's grandson without no proof."

"I'm only that I'm sayin' what I'm sayin', that's all."

Ty nodded. "That's what I thought you was sayin'."

"That's all I'm sayin'."

The two men stared into space for a long moment, their wheels turning -- two snails racing. Olie broke the silence: "Maybe we could lay a trap. That's how we caught snipers in Nam. Set out some bait."

"Better ask Dick. He don't like us doin' nothin' without him bossin' around." Olie considered this long and hard. Then, finally: "You got any more of that Yid food? Them doughnuts is good." He frowned when Ty shook his head.

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