Cliff College's Schuyler Theatre

Dylan Atkins' Production of
George Bernard Shaw's


Dylan Atkins & Carly Cliff

Directed by Dylan Atkins

DYLAN ATKINS is a freshman at Cliff College. He doesn't have to declare a major until halfway through next year, but as far as Dylan is concerned, he's been a Drama Major since he was four years old and was cast in the title role of his pre-school's production of "Funny Bunny Goes to Hollywood". Funny Bunny was just the first of a string of leading roles in what had become Dylan's obsession to learn all there is to know about the theatrical arts. For example, two years ago Dylan was lucky enough to land the job of Student Intern at the Des Moines Dinner Theatre and was able to observe and learn from Hollywood star, Gavin Macleod, during his run as Willy Loman. Learn Dylan certainly must have, for when the young man himself starred in his school production of "Death of a Salesman", one local critic was prompted to say, "... but young Atkins performance does compare favorably to that of the Captain of the Love Boat..." Dylan wants to take this opportunity to thank his mother for her support throughout his life and to let her know that she has more than made up for the deficiencies of "the sonuvabitch".

CARLY CLIFF, a freshman at Cliff College, is a direct descendant of its founder, Clifford Cliff. She had never entertained thoughts of participating in a theatrical production until just two months ago, when Pygmalion Producer-Director-Leading Man, Dylan Atkins, convinced her to audition for the part of Eliza Doolittle. According to Atkins, Carly, a National Merit Scholar, brings to her portrayal of Eliza Doolittle, a rare intelligence and sensitivty heretofore unseen. Carly has thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful experience, especially the rehearsal process, but she doubts that she will be seduced away from her life-long ambition to become a medical researcher. She particularly hopes, at some point in her future academic career, to study at the University of Minnesota where the cutting-edge research on the relationship between twins is being conducted. She and her twin brother, Clifford Cliff VI, have themselves participated in studies there where researchers were at a loss to explain the strong feeling that the two siblings both have that, despite the incredibly close bond between them, there is a mysterious void, a missing link if you will, that they share as surely as they do the generally accepted intimacy of twins. Carly would like to take this opportunity to thank her grandmother (Mrs. Carlotta Cliff) and her aunt (Mayor Charlotte Cliff) for being the best parents a couple of orphans could've had!