Charlotte Cliff's Dorm Room

Cliff College freshman Charlotte Cliff is sitting on the edge of her bed which, in her tiny room serves double-duty as a stool for her dressing table which, in her tiny room consists of a mirror hanging over the cinder-block & wood plank shelves which hold her KLH "portable" stereo and collection of albums. Oh, yeah, it's tiny, but it's all hers and, even though her twin brother has the twin tiny room next door, it's as wonderful living here as it would be in a flat in London for the privacy it offers from... her mother! If Charlotte hadn't stood her ground (well, their ground, since she had to fight the battle for Fiver, too) and insisted her parents let them live in the dorm rather than the more-than-spacious, completely stifling Cliff Mansion just off-campus, she'd never have been able to be nauseated with the anticipation of playing hostess to Virgil Dubois in an hour.

Char has known Virgil all her life, mostly as the older brother of her classmate and friend, Dennis. She has certainly been hearing about him for years from her mother whose enlightened project of over a decade ago had been to help "the acdemically-gifted, if racially and socially-inferior Indian boy rise above his pre-ordained destiny to be just another meaningless tribal chief." Carlotta's efforts, coupled with Virgil's ambition and intellect, were certainly successful as he moved like a rocket up the academic ladder, but that climb didn't entitle him, in his mentor's eyes, to but a rung or two on the social ladder from the apex of which she and her family looked down on pretty much everyone, let alone an assistant professor of Anthrolpology who still sported the traditional braids of his tribal heritage. So, Charlotte figured, it was safe to assume that her mother would not approve of her daughter's crush on Virgil, let alone her plans to relinquish her virginity to him that very night.

In consideration of which plan, Charlotte sets to cleaning her face of the make-up which she had been wearing for the dorm Halloween party-- she, Alice Crick, Melinda Dorsey and Lizzie Goswell had been Dion & the Belmonts and done a particularly foolish job of lip-synching to "The Wanderer", thereby establishing themselves as the "cool freshman" once and for all. While Char transforms herself from a Philiadelphia hood to a Midwestern maiden, waiting, she relives the meeting she had had with Virgil the day before. Ostensibly to discuss the arrangements for her to begin doing research for him, so far as she can recall, it was really all about consummating her growing passion for the sexiest faculty member on either side of the Rockies. And so, on the pretext of participating in a triblal ritual paralleling the White Man's Halloween, Virgil and Char set up this rendezvous for midnight.

Charlotte's recollections are interrupted by a sound that it takes her but a moment to identify... the sound of two dice being thrown against the wall of the next room... the sound of her twin brother, Fiver, playing craps and, without a doubt, losing money.

Well, let him! For once in her life, Charlotte decides, she's not going to interrupt that life in order to keep Fiver's on track. It's her turn to try hedonism and that knock on the door is clearly her opportunity. She kicks her costume under the bed, turns the overhead light off and the lava lamp on, and, wearing only a slightly oversized shirt of Fiver's, opens the portals of her being to Virgil.

To Fiver's Room, A Few hours Later...