ROOM 203

Office of the Assistant to the President, Ms. Margaret Peabody

Margaret Peabody is sitting at her desk, on the phone: "That's right, Mr. Levenstein... Three o'clock tomorrow afternoon in Dean Watson's office. Very good, we'll see you then."

She hangs up, checks Running Dog's name off the list in front of her, and makes the next call. She gets an answering machine and whiles away the twenty seconds it takes for the recorded message to run before, ever so clearly and in a tone that would brook absolutely no objection or defiance, she leaves her message: "Chief Dubois, this is Margaret Peabody in Dr. Simpson's office. I'm calling in behalf of Dean Watson who hopes that you can join her and several other interested parties for a meeting concerning the Sayers Hall situation. The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock and we are all counting on you being here. Thank you."

She hangs up, sighs in relief at having gotten through that one without any debate, and then moves on to the next name on her list... "Hello, Chief Francis, please... Dick? This is Margaret Peabody..."

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