Research Notes

Subject: Anais Grace
Researcher: Karen Leigh Archibald
Date: 2/3/96

Our sessions have picked up since Charlotte gave her the laptop. Anais' scribbles on legal pads were becoming increasingly difficult for me decipher, especially as our work reached deeper into her unconscious. The more emotional her response, the less legible were her words. The laptop has finally given her a communications tool that I can not only read, but download directly into my notes. What a difference!

Tried hypnosis again today. No effect on Anais' muteness. Whatever trauma struck her dumb as a child, it is still buried deep within her. However, I am convinced that we are finally on the trail with Anais' recurring dream. She reported having had the dream again, and after searching my notes I realized that they started just a few weeks after we began experimenting with hypnosis. Here's her journal description of the latest dream, E-mailed to me on 2/1:

"He's very distorted, almost like a fisheye lens... no, that's not right... more like a child's-eye view. As if I'm a child watching him. His hair is very black, shiny, like a crow. And he bends down to me and says 'I'm your Daddy.' And I feel this dizziness and confusion and then he turns red and the ground opens up beneath him and we both fall into this opening, this bottomless pit. Down and down and down and as we fall, he fades away and all that's left is this... this... fear. That's the best I can describe it. Not just a feeling, but a thing. This thing. But it's just fear. And I'm staring at it as I fall. And it's cold. And it's black. And it's painful. And it's dead. That's the fear."

This description is very similar to her reports during our last three sessions, but the dream seems to be getting less abstract. For example, this is the first time she's been able to hear the man's words, or describe the color of his hair. I think we may be onto something.