Research Notes

Subject: Anais Grace
Researcher: Karen Leigh Archibald
Date: 2/3/96

The laptop from Charlotte continues to be a success. Anais has not only become much more communicative with me, but she announced this week that she has a boyfriend! This can only be a major step forward in her inner work (I only pray he doesn't reject her and cause a setback).

As we continue to dig for whatever trauma struck her dumb as a child, the earth beneath my spade seems to be loosening up, as if we're through the hard-pack and near our buried treasure. Could we be closing in?

The hypnosis has yet to elicit speech, but it continues to change the character of her intermittently-recurrent dreams. The images she describes are becoming increasingly vivid and specific, as if the dream were transforming into a memory!

Here's her journal description of the latest dream, E-mailed to me on 5/21:

"I saw him again last night... in the same dreamscape... same jet-black hair... jet-black eyes... same words: "I'm your daddy." And then something different happened this time. Instead of the ground opening up, the background did. I'm not sure how to describe it... like the world behind him was a photograph that some big crow flew through from behind, ripped its beak through the fabric of the world behind him. And then the sky turned red and we both started falling again... down and down and down into the red sky... and then my cat jumped on my face and woke me up."

This description is very similar to her last five dream reports but, again, the dream seems to be getting less abstract. This time it was a bird she saw precipitating the redness. Considering the fact that her muteness coincided with Virgil Dubois' disappearance in 1973, I'm beginning to suspect that she may have actually witnessed the murder! If this is true, could that mean that Virgil is actually Anais' father? And if so, who in the world is her mother?