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Let's Table Hop

The place is jumping with Cliffies as those students who are splitting for the summer term suck down their double-tall-mochas and wax poetic about upcoming summer jobs/summer travels/summer nagging from their parents. Back in her usual corner table, Anais Grace is sitting with her laptop computer and her new love, Trip Genevisiano. Trip is wired to Anais' computer, a small earplug tucked in his right ear, so that, as quickly as she can type into the machine, its voice synthesizer can "speak" her words to him. This new upgrade is the closest to verbal communication that Anais has come in over twenty-three years and she loves it!


You're welcome... It's no big deal, really, y'know. It's built right into every new Macintosh. But could you try a different voice, please-- Leonard Nimoy isn't exactly my dirty-talking fantasy come true.
Anais' fingers fly across the keyboard as she makes a change and then enters... "Oh baby, oohhh, don't stop now!" Trip bursts out in laughter:

Elmer Fudd?! I don't think so!
Anais makes one more change and then, torn between her natural inclination toward shyness and the newly-awakened passion that this young man has roused within her, she hits the return key and awaits Trip's reaction. His eyes narrow and lock onto hers as he responds in a husky voice:

I'll bet your own voice would make Marilyn Monroe's sound like Marv Alpert, but, until you find it, hers'll do just fine. God, you make me happy, Anais.
Anais looks up at him, smiles gently and makes it clear to him without an emulated word, that he makes her very happy, too. As one, they reach across the table to one another and grasp one another's hand. But, after a long, fuzzy moment, Trip's expression suddenly changes as he focuses his eyes past Anais and on someone sitting across the room. Anais turns to see what has provoked the open-jawed look of shock and bewilderment and realizes that Trip is fixated on Carly Cliff, sipping coffee with several friends. Anais types a question.

Wha..? Oh, yeah. I'm okay. Just one of those weird, deja vu things, I guess. D'you know her?... Carly Cliff? No it doesn't mean a thing to me. But I got the strangest feeling of recognition when I saw her. Yeah, I know exactly who she reminds me of-- and that's the weirdest part of all. Y'see, I used to have these two friends when I was little, but my father didn't really approve... No, I don't think I want to talk about it right now. Sometime, but not right now.
But he clearly can't stop himself from thinking about it. With an effort, he stops staring across the room at Carly and returns his attention to Anais, so he doesn't see it when Carly turns and, spotting him in the corner, reacts with a jolt of inexplicable recognition and mysterious connection. It takes her friend a full minute to regain Carly's attention and remind her that they have to leave. When Trip finally allows himself to turn and look for the mysterious Carly Cliff again, she has gone.
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