This page is a Photo Album of the People, Places and Things that have made me who and what I am. Please be patient while they load.

My Parents get married at George Lucas' place up North

Christmas, 1986... I get my first shovel and pickaxe from Santa

My little brother, Bucks... Daddy's first words on seeing him were, "He's got a million dollar smile."

The View from Nana Brocklehurst's Apartment

The beach outside our Malibu House

The view from that spot on Mullholland Drive where I... well, nevermind

My first summer job- I was an intern on an urban archæological dig in Scranton

Mommy's and Daddy's present to me for my 18th birthday - it beeps when you put it in reverse!!!

My best friend, Running Dog Levenstein

Our Legacy

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