>Archie has entered the room.
>Archie: Yo! Veronica! What kind of salon are you running here?
>Veronica: What kind of a salon were you looking for?
>Archie: Well, there are those who might think I am badly in need of a visit to a beauty salon. But, personally, I would much prefer an intimate gathering of intellectually-adept personalities whose brilliance shines just that much more brightly for the inspiration of their gracious hostess.
>Veronica: Eloquently expressed! But I wonder if you are gifted simply with a way with words. Or, if you have anything to say.
>Archie: Oh, I have much to say to someone who will but listen.
>Veronica: This hair falls in my eyes, not my ears. I will hear you.
>Archie: Ah, dare I hope...?
>Veronica: Archie, dare you NOT hope?
>Archie: I feel like the poet who has found his Lady of the Lake.
>Veronica: Pun or no pun, I will not abide flattery! I haven't the time for it.
>Archie: It's three in the morning. What DO you have time for?
>Veronica: Is it really? I'm afraid I haven't time for anything more, tonight. Goodnight.
>Veronica has left the room.


>Veronica has entered the room.
>Archie: Welcome back! I've brought some refreshments, tonight...
>Veronica: That was very considerate of you. And, perhaps a tad presumptuous.
>Archie: Not really. I brought my favorite middle-of-the-night snacks so that if you hadn't shown up, I'd've just eaten them myself.
>Veronica: Well then, either you haven't brought enough for the two of us or you would have been snacking in excess.
>Archie: Not at all. I brought exactly the right amount for two happy people who are getting to know one another. Or exactly the right amount for one depressed, heartbroken guy who's been stood up.
>Veronica: Oh dear! Are you one of those rare men who's anorexic? Or are you really a woman?! Not that I'm prejudiced... Two of the finest women I know are lesbians.
>Archie: I'm neither female nor afflicted with any eating disorder. Although I do have a very sensitive feminine side. And I have been accused of being a very odd eater...
>Veronica: Ahh. A real man if ever I've heard one!
>Archie: But you're forgetting the snacks. Pate or smoked salmon?
>Veronica: Several of each, thank you.
>Archie: And I have some very well-chilled Stolychnia right here. But please, don't forget to use a coaster. The shine on that lacquer looks deceptively resistant.
>Veronica: What do I look like, sir? A heathen?!
>Archie: Would I have wasted good money on engaging this fine string quartet to entertain us if I thought you looked even the least bit unevolved?
>Veronica: Oh dear... I'm feeling a bit overwhlmed. I wonder, would you please excuse me, Archie? I think I need to be alone for a little bit. I'm not very good at flirtations.
>Archie: Veronica, take what time you need. I'll be here again tomorrow night. And every night. You drop by whenever it feels right for you to.
>Veronica: You're very nice, Archie.
>Archie: Yes, I am Veronica. You don't have to be afraid of me.
>Veronica: I don't think I will be for very long. Good night.
>Veronica has left the room.
>Archie: Good night.
>Archie has left the room.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to save several sessions over a period of two weeks. Suffice to say that Archie and Veronica have established a regular, ongoing and very intimate relationship here and have come to depend upon "talking" to one another on a nightly basis, although they still do not know one another's "real" identities.


>Archie has entered the room.
>Archie: Sorry I'm late. I've been trying to put together an important business deal and it's gotten very complicated.
>Veronica: I understand. Can you talk about it?
>Archie: Not in any detail, no. I'm just looking for the last bit of financing I need to put me over the top for an investment that could change my life.
>Veronica: Really? Tell me all about it
>Archie: I'm sorry, I couldn't possibly. In fact, I have to race off to Hong Kong right now to shake a hand, sign a dotted line and collect the check.
>Veronica: Ooooh, you're sure know how to turn a girl on, don't you? Don't stop now! The next best thing to talking dirty is talking money, don't you think?
>Archie: Why, Veronica, you cheap tramp, you!
>Veronica: Tramp, maybe. Cheap, never!
>Archie: Believe me, I am loathe to leave you when you're in this aroused condition, but I really DO have to go.
>Veronica: I understand. Good luck.
>Archie: I'll be back in a few days. Take care of yourself.
>Veronica: With you gone, I suppose I'll have to, won't I?
>Archie: Oh, V... I will miss you.
>Archie has left the room.
>Veronica: And I you.
>Veronica has left the room.