A Sweet Moment:

Anais Grace is savoring her free sample (a selection from THE FLAVORED TRUFFLE ASSORTMENT: A delicious 12 piece selection of Amaretto, Dark Cocoa, Cappuccino, White Champagne, Raspberry and Creme de Menthe flavored truffles). If you didn't know her, you'd never suspect she was a mute from the expressive noises she is making -- the sorts of soulful sounds that make it so clear what a woman's potential is in bed. As the chocolate sends shivers of pleasure through her body, she doesn't notice, at first, the sensitive yet firm pressure of an admiring hand on her scalp, running fingers through her hair.

But then the rest of her senses snap to attention. Her head spins around and her eyes flash open to see just who in hell has his hand in her coiffure. His eyes are dark and alluring, half-closed to savor the sensual experience, until her turn startles him back to the moment. "Omigod," he says. "I've got to do you!"

Anais reflexively raises her right hand to slap the sonuvabitch but the young man, seemingly schooled in martial arts, moves like lightning, defensively grabbing her wrist. As their flesh touches, their eyes lock. Anais is seized by the feeling that she is looking directly through his pupils into his soul. She allows her arm to relax.

For some odd reason, the handsome young man reminds her of Carly. Something in the cheekbones, the jaw... as if Carly were made up for an Elvis lookalike competition. He speaks. "Wow. I mean... I gotta do your hair." Anais says nothing, which is no big surprise for a mute, but the young man misunderstands her silence for hesitation and rushes to explain himself. "I'm Trip. I do doos. Hairdos. In fact, where I come from, they call me the Michaelangelo of doos."

He slips his other arm around her and takes a step closer. She catches her breath, unsure what to do, but he merely reaches around her for the sample plate. She starts to step out of his way but he stops her and into her silent, open mouth drops a MashugaNut - a ripe pecan baked in a delicate meringue. She can't discern whether it is the taste, or the fact that he has touched it, that makes it so orgasmically delectable, but she makes no attempt to mask her pleasure. "That's how good I am," he croons. "On a bad day." She can't stop staring into his mesmerizing eyes as he slips something into her hand and strides out of the store. Anais looks down at her palm to see that she is grasping a business card...

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