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Pink Moment Sweets Presents:

Chocolate Body Paint

Chocolate Body Paint as seen on CNN, The Home Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, USA Today, Mirabella and The Wall Street Journal. Eight scrumptious ounces of delectable gourmet French Chocolate. Delicious served warm on your favorite dessert or shared with or on your favorite friends. Re-ignite your love life with this wonderful gift.
8-oz Jar: $8.95 + S&H
Special Brush: $1.50 + S&H

Inspiration From the Land

The beautiful Ojai Valley is situated 75 miles northwest of Los Angeles and has been a very special place to a great many people for thousands of years. A tiny lush valley cradled by the Topa Topa Mountain Range, it has been the home of the peaceful and progressive Chumash Indians and their ancestors for over 9,000 years, and since the 1880s, a favored retreat for non-indigenous people drawn here by our valley's fabled hot springs and ideal climate for citrus production. In 1937, the Ojai Valley was immortalized in Frank Capra's classic film "Lost Horizons," in which it served as the setting for the mythical paradise of "Shangri-La." And nothing represents the magic of our lovely valley better than it's legendary "Pink Moment."

What is the Pink Moment?

Because of its unusual East-West orientation, an awe-inspiring spectacle occurs just before sunset each day in the valley. As the low rays of the setting sun paint the tops of the mountains surrounding the valley, they give off a lovely purple glow which has come to be called the "Pink Moment." Though it lasts for only about 10 minutes each day, it's a sight that no one who has seen it can easily forget.

So it happened that when Bette Ober was preparing to open her rather special chocolate shoppe, it occurred to her to name it after this unique natural phenomenon. (The Chumash Indians have apparently smiled on the idea, for their chief's granddaughter is now a loyal customer.)

In the two short years since Pink Moment Sweets first opened its doors, its reputation has traveled far and wide, but Bette resolutely refused to expand until she happened to pass through Cliffton, Ohio, the only other place on earth that experiences the "pink moment" phenomenon. When she saw that signature purple glow, she knew that she had to open a sister shop in Cliffton. And so Pink Moment Sweets took over the defunct Svenske Hardware on Main Street and turned it into one of the most popular spots in town, especially every February 14.