Granny Smith's Macintosh Market

The Area's (World's?) Only Computer-n-Fruit-n-Vegetables Store!

Whether your appetite runs to RAM or rasberries, we've got the freshest selection around! Oh, sure, you could go to one of those supermarkets and buy some DOS machine or peaches that have been sprayed with poison and boxed for three weeks. But why settle for less just because everyone else does? You don't know what you've been missing until you bite into an organically-grown, fresh-from-the-vine tomato and taste the difference. You'll experience the same pleasure and delight when you finally try out one of our Macintosh computers. Just don't drool on the keyboard, please!

What about support, you're asking... Well, when it comes to the edibles, we'll share everything we know about storing and preparing our goodies (Granny's got some terrific recipes she's eager for you to try). And, when it comes to our computer equipment-- if you're asking about support, you've probably never owned a Mac before. If you had, you'd know that you probably won't need us until you're ready to upgrade! Remember, although we're always here for you if you need us, if you needed us we wouldn't have time to pick the produce or just hang around and kibbutz with our customers.

This week's specials include great buys on:

winter greens
rose potatoes
PowerBook 5300 series
print cartridges

And, free with every new CPU, 3 months of the complete online service provided by

Do your taste buds a big favor and come in to sample our wares. Yes, quality costs a little more, but, as Granny Smith always says... "You get what you pay for in this life, buster!"

Only at...
Granny Smith's Macintosh Market
Smith Farm
Grover Parkway and Jobs Lane

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