Room #2

Elizabeth Goswell and Maud Francis are helping their old friend, Melinda Dorsey, unpack her suitcase and get settled in. Between this visit from an old friend and the package Elizabeth received with letters written back during her college days when they all lived together at Sayers House, the three are inspired to do much retro-dishing. Speaking of dishing, Maud's gotta go check on the meal she's preparing but doesn't want to miss anything, especially when the subject turns to Melinda's ex-husband, Tom Atkins.

Melinda is very gratified to hear that Tom's life in Cliffton has been noteworthy only for its dreariness and makes it clear to Maud that she dosn't mind the prospect of seeing him for brunch this weekend. Elizabeth disparages Tom's idiotic decision to give up a decent, meaningful life in order to lurk in the peripeheral shadows of their friend, Karen Archibald. They all agree that his miserable existence is simply the sonuvabitch's just desserts. And speaking of dessert... Maud lures them from the room and down to the kitchen to try out her brand new recipe for...

Maud's Very Important Trifle

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