Innkeeper Maud Francis runs An Inn of One's Own with her own remarkable brand of style and grace, of which Cliffton is justly proud. Her state-of-the-culinary-art kitchen is famous for the finest gourmet meals and gourmand conversation in the state. Morning and night, Maud can be found preparing fabulous family-style meals for her guests and her partner-in-life, Cliffton Police Detective Elizabeth Goswell (Cliff '73). Thanks to Maud's talents and hard work, the Inn truly exemplifies what has made the Bed & Breakfast movement such a success -- charm and warmth, quality and comfort are all featured in abundance at remarkably affordable rates.

One of the Inn's three lounges features the comforts of one's own home, if one only had Maud doing bargain antique hunting for one's furniture! The guitar is Elizabeth's who, on any evening might be playing anything and everything from Classical fugues to Alternative Rock, or, should a guest request it, a medley of Gershwin and Kern.

Call for more information and to make reservations. (800) 555-3953.

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