Trip Genevisiano sits alone in his hair salon, basking in the warmth of the sunlamps which maintain his George Hamilton perfect tan and reads the note his mother has sent him by express mail...

Trip snaps open the velvet ring box and beholds the ring that his mother has worn every day since his father slipped it onto her finger the same day his father slipped Trip into her arms. A ruby of extraordinary quality, his father always boasted... in fact, according to the legend his father told, a ruby which had once decorated a gift from a grateful king to a brave heathen ally

He hopes that he and Anais will have the kind of enduring love his parents have shared through thick and thin, indictments and plastic surgeries, remodellings and assasination attempts. The standard of true love like Trixie and Lucky have set for their beloved adopted son, Trip, will be hard to live up to. But Trip knows in his heart that Anais is the only woman on Earth with whom he stands even a chance of doing it. He snaps the box closed, tucks it into his pocket, runs his fingers through his sleek pompadour and sighs with satisfaction. As soon as he can close the arrangements with Dubois-- held up by that damned murder investigation-- he will be able to ask Anais' mothers for her hand and life will be perfect!

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