At The Pumps.....

We feature products and some of the best gossip in town!

If you'd been by today, Hank would've checked your oil, your anti-freeze and cleaned your windshield while filling you up and in on the facts that...

  1. Cliff College President Adam Simpson's new Lexus must've set him back an arm and a leg.

  2. Alice Watson's standard poodle ate what little was left of the original upholstery in her old Plymouth Fury wagon (which she's had since her undergraduate days and still runs great thanks to Joe the Mechanic's tender loving care).

  3. Melinda Dorsey (who used to go with Hank's cousin Dennis back in College but married Tom Atkins which was a disaster) is visiting Cliffton and her son, Dylan, who's a freshman at The College and doing some kind of show over there. She'll be staying with her old friends Elizabeth Goswell and Maud Francis... y'know, the two who run the Inn.

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