At The Pumps.....

We feature products and some of the best gossip in town!

If you'd been by today, Hank would've checked your oil, your anti-freeze and cleaned your windshield while filling you up and in on the facts that...

  1. Maud Francis stopped by for a fill-up when she was taking a delicious-looking shepherd's pie over to Detective Goswell at the Police Station where she's been working non-stop since Judge Weeke ruled that they could exhume that body over at the campus and get to work figuring out who it was and how it got itself buried under Sayers Hall in the first place. Seems Lizzie's got some evidence to study, at last!

  2. Old Miss Peabody who works over at the College put her back out installing some fancy new satellite dish up on her roof and had to have Joe the Mechanic change the oil in her 1957 T-Bird. But she wouldn't let him do anything else, saying the tune-up and brake job could wait until she was able to take care of them herself.

  3. Melinda Dorsey went back to Des Moines after visiting her son, Dylan, and a bunch of old friends who still live here in Cliffton, including Hank's cousin, Dennis Dubois who Melinda was involved with back in their undergraduate days.

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