Meet Fred the Mail Carrier

The United States has the world's largest postal service, delivering more than 177 billion pieces of mail a year. To collect, sort and deliver that much mail, the service employs an army of more than 700,000. I am a foot soldier in the battle against weather, biting dogs, package bombers and other impediments.

The people of Cliffton can count on me to get your mail to you in a timely fashion. My bag could have anything in it, from bills you can't afford to pay to the notification that a relative you never knew you had has left you a zillion dollars. In fact, why not have a look at...


To connect directly to the United States Postal Service webpage, from which you can access answers to all your mail questions without risking your life, click..

REMEMBER: Use recyclable materials when packing and recycle the materials, boxes and envelopes you receive!!

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