Continuously open and showing the best movies of the 20th Century since 1914, Cliffton's own Movie Palace is only old-fashioned in its committment to serving the community's movie fans. Since 1984, Charlotte Cliff has owned and operated The Cinema willing to lose money, so devoted is she to making sure that everyone has a chance to see films the way they were meant to be seen-- on a big screen, surrounded by an audience, munching the best treats Pink Moment Sweets has to offer. Of course, for just those reasons Charlotte has made of this once-neglected old theatre an enormous success.

Charlotte personally selects the movies, ranging from classics of the Silent Era and Golden Age of Hollywood (from which she has put together a free series of weekly screenings for students from the Cliffton area public schools to ensure their exposure to the History and Art of film) to Monty Python Film Festivals to her remarkably popular "Moms' Brunch and Matinee" Series of "women's films" which plays every Wednesday at 11am (and promises to be over in time to handle carpool). And there is, of course, Charlotte's legendary New Year's Eve costume party for everyone who wants to come.

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