Cliff College
Native American Student Union

"When the eagle soars, the wise man cruises."

Welcome to NASU

Hello and Welcome. You have reached the homepage of the Cliff College Native American Student Union (NASU). Our goals are to identify and reclaim our birthright while providing support, pride and services for each other, the Cliff College community, and our brethren in the greater Cliffton area (known to our ancestors for centuries as "Running Creek Valley").

Our President, Running Dog Levenstein has been fighting a tireless battle alongside Nez Percé Chief Dennis Dubois, to reclaim local land stolen from the Indian Nation in the last century. "We will never give up," says President Levenstein, "until our soil once again yields riches to our brothers and sisters." We pursue these goals with the aid of our national organization, which provides us with many of the resources we need to survive. We also rely on the kindness of various student offices at Cliff, such as the Office of Minority Education (OME), the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the National Society of Black Pre-Med Students.

We maintain close relationships with Native American organizations and resources throughout the country, and we hope to forge similar relationships with NASU chapters and sympathetic organizations at colleges and universities throughout the world via the Web. We are proud to have been the first NASU chapter with a homepage and we seem quite popular on the net. We hope that installations like the American Indian Computer Sand Painting Project continue to provide us with Native American culture to present to the internet community.

NASU meets every Wednesday night at 7:00 around the barbecue pit behind the soccer field. Anglos welcome.