VOL. CIIIL...NO.21 31 July 1996

Vacation Roundup!


We're going on vacation! Until school starts up again in September, the Misc. staff is regrouping in all sorts of tropical locations ranging from Kalamazoo to California. In other words, we're going home to party away the summer. But before we left, we wanted to give you a chance to catch up on the mystery that's been raging through the gossip mill since May. So here, without further ado, is an annotated guide to past issues:

  • 17 April, 1996 - A body, believed to be an ancient Nez Perceé warrior, is found beneath a dorm on the Cliff College campus.

  • 24 April, 1996 - A Misc. reporter plunges five stories for exclusive photos of the half-buried skeleton!

  • 1 May, 1996 - The corpse is found not only to have modern dental work, but to have been murdered!

  • 15 May, 1996 - A ruby is found embedded in the corpse's skull, implying that he may have been struck by a 250-year-old tribal treasure that was stolen in 1973.

  • 22 May, 1996 - $9,000 in advanced ticket sales are stolen from Cliff College's Schuyler Theater, threatening to shut down production for the rest of the year!

  • 5 June, 1996 - The corpse is identified as a former Nez Percé Chief and Cliff Anthropology Professor.


  • 19 June, 1996 - The victim, Virgil Dubois, is profiled.

  • 17 July, 1996 - The Misc. identifies six suspects, though it is admittedly an incomplete list.