The Class of '93

16 April 1996

Jobs and graduate school and babies!! For instance: GIDEON SINGH is "doing business development for a PC firm throughout China", SHEILA PATTERSON is "getting paid to work in the Dole Campaign in California", AARON BELL is finishing his second year at Hastings Law School in San Fransisco, SUSANNAH CALLAHAN is teaching English at a private school in Boulder, MAGGIE WINSLOW and RICHARD TRACEY ('91) had a baby boy, Douglas, in November, and RUSSELL FINKEL not only became a father last August, "I delivered the baby girl, Samatha, myself when my wife, Allison, made it clear that no matter how fast I drove, there was no way we were going to make it to the hospital in time. The Lamaze teacher was right-- those babies are always the easiest!! It was AMAZING!!"

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