The Class of '85

16 April 1996

DONALD GILBERT, Ann Arbor, Michigan, writes: "I married Laurie McBride last summer. MITCHELL HALLAHAN ('84) was best man. Laurie is an adviser to foreign students at the University, here, and I am a phy.ed./health/coach/lunch monitor/bus driver-educator at the Gerald Ford Junior High. We're building our own house in the woods (it should be ready for our retirement years) and living (well, sort of) in a mobile home, meanwhile. We know we are tempting climatic fate, but love our life on the edge!"

JOSH BRENNAMAN and wife Becky are running an auto parts supply business in Muncie and enjoying their kids, Brian (age 9) and Cindy (age 3). MARTIN BLODGETT is recovering from a car accident last spring in which everyone in the family was injured (fortunately none beyond help). He thanks God for protecting them and his mother for ministering to them. ANNIE LEIGH has "finally moved out of my parents' house! Thanks to a real job, it's now possible. A decade of working for worthy causes for nothing (or next-to-nothing) was... well, worthy, but I'm just not wealthy enough to devote my life to charity. Yet. Hopefully, my new career in sales will make it possible for me to figure out other ways of supporting the causes I hold so dear."

MELISSA HOGARTH is making a living in Hollywood and, though you may not know it, you've probably seen LOTS of her-- she's a professional body-double for the likes of Demi Moore and Sharon Stone!

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