The Class of '68

13 May 1996
Well, I could either just reprint the entire class list (give or take those who haven't survived to this date), or I could just wish you all (as well as myself) a Happy 50th Birthday! There's no getting around it, anymore-- once we've qualified as members of AARP, we've definitely made it to middle-age. The next landmark will be in ten years when we qualify for reduced rates on public transportation and at the movies. Although, by then, they'll probably have moved all those discounts back by five years along with our pension plans and Social Security benefits. But who cares? We'll have all of our savings to live off of... or not, depending on whether we're supporting our aged parents (who just won't die) and/or our adult children (who just won't move away and get jobs that'll cover their expences). And then there's always the question of covering medical costs... Oh. Am I sounding too negative? Well so will you once you've hear what some of our classmates have written.

ROSALEE MONTGOMERY Melchior has calculated that, having spent a total of $3,245,572.87 on educating her five kids, she is now averaging $1500 a month at Costco just to keep them all adequately fed since they are ALL LIVING AT HOME!

That would probably make JOHN SANDERSON feel very superior, since he decided not to have any children way back in college, but for the fact that his parents have moved in with him and are allergic to the cats, worried about tripping over the dogs and breaking their hips and find almost all of his furniture much too deep and soft for their ailing, aged backs.

GEORGE MANCUSO and his wife, Barb, are lucky enough to be orphans with self-supporting children, so they were able to take a wonderful extended trip around the world last year. Unfortunately, they brought home more than souvenirs-- they have both been suffering the "ideosyncratic and too-varied-and-horrible to discuss in detail" symptoms associated with a nasty parasite indigenous to a small, remote area of Papua New Guinea where they were caught in the middle of a tribal war. They are both too sick to even imagine travelling anywhere father away than The Mall of America ever again.

AMANDA WILLARD Mull almost broke the chain of wretched news when she began by announcing that she was a prime candidate for an experimental operation which would, quite surely and without negative side-effect, put an end to the excrutiating pain her deteriorating spinal discs have been causing her for the past several years. Great news!! But then, she went on to explain that her medical insurer would not cover the operation and that, at an estimated cost of several hundred thousands of dollars, she could not possible afford it otherwise. So, back to the painkillers.

Look... do me a favor. If ANYBODY has any pleasant news (you don't have to have won the lottery, just a low-key pleasant anecdote will do), please send it in. Thanks.

Susan Krell Hughes