The Class of '63

February 1996

From SARAH FERGUSON Allen: "I've still got my first husband, Ted, my first car, a Camaro, and my first television set, an RCA-- all of which are showing their age but define the qualities one desires in anything classic. My kids are Peter, a junior at UC Berkeley, and Eleanor who is, this week, celebrating her early admission to... Cliff, Class of '01!! After her departure, next fall, I'll have run out of excuses for not doing much of anything worthwhile and have to admit the truth-- I'm lazy and lucky to be able to indulge myself."

REID WILSON has married GLADYS SHIELDS McCaffey (Cliff '67). They met at a Cliff fundraiser in Denver. Reid's best man was GEORGE HAMILTON who rendezvoused with the happy couple in Reno just a week after that fundraiser. Very romantic, Reid!!

JANICE BUCHANON writes that she is still doing missionary work in Nicaragua; LELAND WINTERS is still a "paid volunteer" for the Libertarian Party; and KATE DOOLING Inglis is "still teaching third graders to learn to learn."

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