The Class of '51

20 February 1996

Lots of news arrived with dues payments (no one wants to be branded a piker at the upcoming 45th reunion in June). Many retirees, most happily reporting good health and, in many cases, new addresses (for which we will be preparing a new class directory to be available at the reunion). Among these are: TOM BARRANCO, celebrating his 44th wedding anniversary in his new home in St. Petersberg, Florida; ROBERT GODDARD, sailing in the Bahamas for the winter; CLAUDETTE HALLIDAY Witherspoon, a twice-weekly docent at the Salt Lake City Museum of Mormon; and PEPPER VALDY who, with wife Salty, is fly-fishing his way around the world.

Plenty of news from those who are still hard at work: FRED JEFFRIES does double duty as principal and English teacher at Penatchee Middle School in Penatchee Idaho; MARIANNE MATTHEWS is still loving teaching tap, ballet, jazz and belly danacing techniques at her studio in South Bend; BARTHOLOMEW O'BRIAN has come out of retirement from the State Department and is commuting between Sarejevo and Washington trying to put together a lasting peace; HILDEGARDE MARKLE Ziegesar loves her Mail Boxes Etc. franchise.

There's more... but we are very nervous about figuring out how to "upload" this for those who will be reading it on their computer screens, so we'll move on to the sad news of those classmates who have recently passed on and save the rest for next time. EVELYN MADISON Isbell suffered a fatal heart attack while participating in a ballroom dance competition; MERLE McCREE died following a long illness; SHIRLEY LEFKOWITZ Feinstein's daughter writes: "My mother blew her brains out the night Pat Buchanon won the New Hampshire Primary. She left a note saying she had had enough."

As always, the class will contribute to the Alumni/ae Fund in memory of each of our departed classmates.

Assuming that we manage to make these notes available to you, we will post more soon. Please send your correspondence to us at either...

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