The Class of '35

22 January 1996

Good to hear from Jim McKenna that his two new knees are taking him back out onto the golf course behind his and Mary's condo at the Puttin' Around Continual Care retirement facility in Phoenix. Agnes Garnett Bonnell and husband Charlie now live with their eldest son, Peter, in Short Hills, NJ. They are thriving as involved grandparents-- Aggie, once head cheerleader here at Cliff, is delighted to be coaching granddaughter Jenny's high school squad, and Charlie has managed Peter Jr.'s Little League team to the Regional finals three years running.

Condolences to Sylvia Lifland Tenzer on the death of Owen just weeks after their 60th wedding anniversary. And sympathies, as well, to Marilyn Healy on her recent loss-- her Boedecker, her loyal friend and guide through life for the past fifteen years, passed away in his sleep last month. Marilyn reminds everyone that even a few dollars contribution to "Guide Dogs of America" can help others like her live independently.

I am packing for a cruise that will include stops throughout South America and am most looking forward to our visit to the Galapagos. It should be interesting to behold creatures even older than we!! My grandson, Nicholas, promises that he will help me "upload" photos of the trip so that you can all see them. It's a brave, new world, indeed. Until next time...

Betty Gridley Neff
Chicago, IL

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