The Class of '21

February 1996

LAURA BREYERS was seven years old and headed, with her parents and three brothers, for a new life in America when her father lifted her from the bed she shared with her youngest brother, wrapped her in a blanket, placed her in some strange woman's arms and, with a kiss, reminded her to "Be a good girl." She never saw him again, but she did watch and never forgot the sight of him and more than 1500 others go down on the Titanic. She and her mother and brothers survived to settle in Dayton. Miss Breyers death, late last year, left only Eva Hart to remember the events of that legendary night, since the other seven survivors were too young to know what was happening then or have since forgotten the details of that tragoc night in the North Atlantic.

Miss Breyers is well-remembered by her classmates, though. When contacted at the Mary and Martha Convalescent Home, REGGIE TURNER recalled that, "Laura was the bravest girl I knew. We always figured that that Titanic thing gave her all kinds of nerve no other girl we knew had." And MORRIS CAMDEN told us that, "Laurie was the only girl I ever knew of to get drunk and jump of the Cliff Tower just like one of the boys."

Miss Breyers leaves no survivors, having never married, but we will all mourn her passing.

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