TO: All Officers of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police

All stations are to be on the lookout for the following individual(s) that are WANTED by an agency(ies) within the United States of America. The US State Department has expressed interest in extraditing the following individual(s) from anywhere in the world.

NAME: DuBois, Virgil
Also Known As: Chief, Dr. DuBois, Chief Sell Out

Race: American Indian
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Age: 28

Scars/tattoos: none

Last seen in Cliffton, Ohio, 3/21/73 driving a 1963 Vollkswagen Bus (tan and brown) bearing the Ohio, USA license plate CW-324.

Subject is wanted by local, Ohio State and Federal authorities for the following criminal violation(s):

Theft of The Maltese Falcon , a jewel-encrusted artifact, perhaps covered with black enamel, belonging to the Nez Percé Tribe and protected by various Tribal, State and Federal ordinances.

If Subject is apprehended in Canadian Territory, he is further wanted for:

Unlawful crossing of US Borders without reporting the crossing to US Customs, Unlawful transport of a protected National Treasure across US Borders.

Individual is not known to be dangerous or violent. (He was a College Professor of Anthrolpology!)

If contact is made with above individual, caution should be taken not to jeopardize the safety of The Maltese Falcon.

Detain individual and contact RCMP Commissioner/INTERPOL President, L. Higgitt, at Ottawa Headquarters immediately.