Three days after the untimely death of Clifford Cliff V and his shapely wife Virginia, L.V.P.D. Internal Affairs officers found this badge belonging to Detective William Striglos in the bedclothes of one Ms. Dolores Del Rondo, aka Fannie May Fleisher. Detective Striglos claims to have lost the badge during a foot pursuit the previous week, but he filed no report at the time.

Ms. Del Rondo is a known consort of Mafia capo Lucky Genovisiano who may have had a hand in the Cliff deaths. Though there was no mention in the initial homicide report, when she was subsequently interviewed by Internal Affairs officers, she insisted that she looked behind the Wheel of Fortune as it fell and swears no one was there.

According to FBI wiretap reports, Cliff owed Genovisiano over $220,000. On the morning before the possible homicide, Mr. Genovesiano was taped saying that Cliff had paid up, but we believe he knew he was being taped and manufactured this speech in anticipation of being tied to the murders. It is clear that Cliff had no access to that kind of money, and in addition, he had no time to make unusual arrangements owing to the birth of his twins just three days earlier.

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