Welcome to my Home Page!!

I'm a member of the crack Security Force at Cliff College. Honest. I have been for ten years. I carry a gun and wear a badge and make sure that no one breaks the rules. Or, at least, that nobody breaks the rules and gets away with it.

I have lived in Cliffton all of my 32 years which makes me perfect for being a Security man at The College since I was already used to being treated like Townie Scum by the Cliffies and so I don't resent it (much) and overreact (much) whenever some student gets rude and abuses me just for doing my job. Which happens all the time. Although, sometimes they're nice, too.

I live with my mother and spend all my money on state-of-the-art televsion equipment so that I can watch every game any team from Cleveland plays on the biggest screen with the best sound I can. I'm the biggest fan in Ohio. Really. It's official. If you don't believe me, read this.

Well, I've got lots more to say about things, but there's a game going on in a couple of minutes and I'm not quite clear on how this new mini-satellite thing works. So, just let me say that I used to think that nothing worse than the Strike of '94 could ever happen to me, but that was before I understood that Satan does, indeed, walk the Earth in the form of Art Model.

Go Indians!!!!!Go Indians!!!!!

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