Meet Rad Cliff. Born Clifford Cliff VI, he's been "Rad" since the age of 4 when his sister, Carly, so dubbed him for being able to recite three different versions of "Rad" Serling's introduction to "The Twilight Zone". He is 19 years old, six minutes younger than Carly. He is very smart and very handsome. He is very spoiled and very lazy. Despite being only a freshman at Cliff College (where he lives on 2NW in Christie House), Rad was the overwhelming winner of this Spring's "Top Slacker on Campus" competition. Rad would've been very excited about that if he got excited about things. But he doesn't.

The closest to excited Rad's been since entering Cliff last fall was when he successfully set up his second semester schedule to include not a single class that began before 2pm. Rad takes very little seriously, but a good morning's sleep is sacred. Carly has already arranged for her summer job; Rad is spending his time trying to understand why anyone with as substantial a trust fund as each of them has should take employment opportunity away from someone who really needs it.

Rad's a really political guy, if only more people would appreciate it. Like his Grandmother, Carlotta Cliff. Or his Aunt, Charlotte Cliff. Or his sister, Carly. But these three women, all the family he has, expect him to live up to their very high standards of achievement and activity. Maybe he should consider majoring in some kinda pre-med science thing that would support his theory that there are, indeed, some people who need 12-14 hours of sleep a day and whose bodies require a diet of Fritos and Coke just to be able to understand the philosophical implications of "Welcome Back, Kotter". On the other hand, those science courses usually necessitate attending morning classes, afternoon labs, and spending one's evenings in the library.

Rad suspects he's better suited to one of the social sciences. Or English Lit. Or Film History. Yeah, Film History. He'll major in the American Movie Channel and Turner Classics. Yeah. And then he can convince the women in his life that he's preparing to take over Aunt Charlotte's movie theatre-- this is good!! His academic direction and career successfully planned, Rad tears open a bag of nacho chips and gets right to work... "Rebel WIthout a Cause" is just going on!

If you're not interested in watching the movie, Rad suggests you check out the action at The Firewater Tavern