Memorandum for Retired Marines:
What are they doing now?

Since the inception of What Are They Doing Now?, we have received many submissions; we will try to run each one we receive in future issues. Because of page restrictions, we may not be able to run your story in its entirety. If you would like the readers of Semper Fidelis to know what you've been up to, write us. Include your social security number, type or print clearly, and mail your article (no longer than one page) to the Editor (MMSR-6).

Private Oliver Hagger, USMC (Ret):

"Ollie" Hagger enlisted in the Marines in 1969. He served in Vietnam in 1970-71 with Delta Co., 1st MP Bn., and 3rd Force Recon. Co. He was awarded the Purple Heart for Mai Lai, which cost him an arm and a leg -- literally.
Ollie can currently be found on security duty, hobbling around the campus of Cliff College, a respected albeit pinko institution in Northwest Ohio near the middle of nowhere. Ollie writes, "It's not the Marines, but I do get to bust heads once in a while." Though he is sworn to uphold the rules of the college, in his off hours, Ollie still dabbles in those "Second Amendment politics" that many of us remember him so fondly for. "Still single," he's sorry to report, but it's hard to find a woman who shares his passion for the local Militia. He is also an active propagandist for the "Save the Land Mine" movement, and requests any friends or potential donors to contact him at

Lieutenant Colonel Robin Cookson, USMC (Ret):

Robin Cookson is now a Republican candidate for the U.S. Representative from Idaho's Third Congressional District. After retiring, Robin worked briefly on a gubernatorial campaign before accepting a job as a Food Services Manager with the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (L.A. Dodgers minor league team). He left the Quakes to start his own business as an ice cream flavor development consultant. His work placed him in the forefront of tough offensive strategic thinking for which his Marine training came in handy.
Cookson entered Parris Island Boot Camp in January 1959, Platoon 3. Working his way up to Staff Sergeant before graduating college, Robin accepted a commission as an infantry officer in 1974. His last assignment was at Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, where he was a member of the USMC 2001 Force Menu Planning Group. Robin says he wants to apply similar flavorizing methodology to other federal institutions. He can be reached at 1st13flavors@AOL.Com

Captain Raymond W. Criss, USMC (Ret):

Retired from HQMC in 1968. Served three tours of duty at Camp Lejeune, 1960-61; 1964-65 as Admin Chief of EngrSchools, Courthouse Bay; 1970 as Admin Chief, 2d Tank Bn, ForTrps. During 1961-63, Admin Chief, MWSG-17 at Itami and Iwajuni, Japan. From 1965-70, served as Admin Advisor to Marine Air Reserve Units at Willow Grove, PA. Presently employed by the Supreme Court of Hawaii and serving as Chief Magistrate of the 3rd Judicial Circuit, in Honolulu County.