"Hi! I'm Karen Leigh!"

I'm a senior at Cliff College, dual-majoring in drama and psychology. I plan to go on to graduate school in psychology because I love getting inside people's heads (and beds... just kidding).

You know what really gets me hot? Descartes. Especially naked on the kitchen table with maple syrup. I just melt around highly educated men -- the more erudite, the better. I think the human body's most orgasmic sex organ is the brain. Sure, I like my pecs and certain other muscles hard, but only if a hard cortex comes along with them.

I love children and other living things. I hate war. I love red. I hate beige. I love sex. I hate automobiles. I love sloppy eating, especially in the bathtub with a special someone. I hate doing laundry. I love the French Revolution. I hate the military-industrial complex. I love Sartre. I hate Marshall McLuhan. I love sensual massage. I hate jogging. I love Dylan. I hate Donovan.

I was born in Cliffton (yawn), but I want to live in a garret in Montmartre and teach human sexuality at the Sorbonne.

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