Cliff College Catalogue - Board of Trustees-32-


Chairman of the Board

Carlotta Schuyler Cliff, '42, Chairman of the Cliff College Board of Trustees, brings more than a measured intelligence, a Harvard MBA, and a sizeable fortune (at least it was before the S&L crisis) to Cliff College. She also carries on a long and hallowed tradition tying Cliff College to the family that founded it back in 1849 by Clifford Cliff.
Mrs. Cliff, neé Carlotta White, was raised in Manhatten. Her grandfather was the esteemed if infamous architect Stanford White (murdered by Harry Thaw in 1906, long before Mrs. Cliff was born). Her father was a dealer of precious gems and jewelry; her mother was a physician (rare for a woman in the first quarter of this century, a fact of which Mrs. Cliff is extremely proud).
Mrs. Cliff, then Ms. White, entered Cliff College as a freshman in 1938 and married Jonathan Shuyler, heir to Cliffton Savings and Loan, in 1940 while they were both juniors. After graduation, Mr. Schuyler went off to fight the Nazis and Ms. White, then Mrs. Schuyler, went on to Harvard to get her MBA.
In January, 1945, Mr. Schuyler was tragically killed by friendly fire in the South Pacific. Upon hearing the news of his only child's death, the senior Mr. Schuyler suffered a fatal heart attack. So, within months of receiving her degree, Mrs. Schuyler found herself the sole proprietor of Cliffton Savings and Loan.
Upon receiving her Masters, Mrs. Schuyler took over control of the institution, and under her tutelage it grew in assets to become one of the most successful single-branch savings and loans in Ohio.
Of course, as the town's principle banker, she had known Clifford Cliff IV for years, but their relationship had been a purely platonic one until she joined the Cliff College Board of Trustees in 1950. Her wit and financial wherewithall soon captivated Mr. Cliff, and within the year they were married.
They had two children, Charlotte Cliff ('73), who is currently Mayor of Cliffton, and Clifford Cliff V ('73) who, with his wife Virginia Madsen Cliff ('75), died in a tragic gaming accident.
Sadly, Virginia Cliff died just three days after delivering twin children. Known for a big heart and a bigger hearth, Carlotta Cliff opened her home, her arms and her mouth to her grandchildren and raised them as if they were her own. Today, these two orphaned children, Clifford "Rad" Cliff VI and Carly Cliff, are enrolled at Cliff College, scheduled to graduate with the class of '99.
Upon Clifford Cliff IV's death in 1969, Carlotta accepted the Chairwomanship of the Board of Trustees, and has led the College through the best of times and the worst of times ever since.

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