Fifth Grade Language Arts Homework Assignment:

Conduct an interview of a person. Create a chart to contain your questions (minimum of ten questions) and the subject's answers. Then, using the data from your chart, write a short profile of your interview subject.

The Chart

NAME Alice Crick Watson
AGE 44
COLLEGE Cliff College ('73), PhD in Film History from Yale University ('76), PhD in English Literature from Columbia University('78)
MARITAL STATUS Widow of Peter Watson (married 6/7/79)
OCCUPATION Teacher and College Administrator
CHILDREN Charles Theodore Watson aka Charlie (born 10/26/85)
PETS 3 standard poodles (Bubba, Tyro and Zany), 2 goldfish (Goldie and Whitey), 1 gerbil (Ken Gerbil, Jr.), 3 hermit crabs (unnamed)
FAVORITE RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY Riding really scary roller-coasters with Charlie
FAVORITE ROLLER COASTER "Top Gun" at Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara , California

An Interview with Alice Crick Watson
By Charlie Watson


Alice Crick was born forty-four years ago in New York City. When she graduated from high school, she went to Cliff College in Cliffton, Ohio. She belonged to a kind of commune while she was there, although Dr. Watson claims that "it was less a commune than a really close group of friends who all lived together for four years in Sayers House." She was one of the people who found and took care of the foundling baby who grew up to be Anais Grace who just happens to be Dr. Watson's son's favorite not-a-relative person in the whole world.

After Cliff, Alice Crick moved back to New York City and studied at Columbia for her advanced degree in English Literature. At the same time, she was commuting to New Haven, Connecticut, to get her degree in film history from Yale. I know it sounds like a lot, but, take it from me, Dr. Watson's VERY into being organized. While she was at Yale, she met Peter Watson and she fell in love with him because he was the only man she'd ever met who could watch some movie called "Random Harvest" over and over and over again.

They got married in 1979 and then they both got jobs teaching at Cliff College, so they moved back to Cliffton. Dr. (Mrs.) Watson taught English Lit and American Popular Culture until she had a baby (me) in 1985. Since then, she has been the Dean of Students at Cliff and teaches only one course-- the always popular "From Homer to Melrose Place, Soap Operas Through the Ages".

Alice Watson is, as I mentioned before, deeply into being organized, but, other than that, she's pretty relaxed. She doesn't mind about keeping things clean (which would just be frustrating, anyway, with all those animals around) or about swearing (as long as language is used appropriately, she's cool with it) or about bedtimes. In fact, give or take a couple of days of every month, she's fine. And she's a really big fan of roller-coasters which makes for some excellent vacations.

In April of 1994 Dr. Peter Watson was diagnosed with leukemia. He died on December 20th, 1994. Nothing's been quite the same for Alice Watson since then. Not quite the same, but okay. Considering.

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