... the word on the street.

The Bag Lady inhabits the shadows of Cliffton and Cliff College, leading an invisible existence because so few people choose to see her. But she sees them, and she hears what they say. She wears cigarettes in her ears as antennae, and thusly collects more garbage from the air than her gnarled hands could ever do from the town's ecologically correct refuse bins. And she scribbles everything she hears on her "list." No one knows about the Bag Lady's list, and no one escapes it....

  1. Karen Leigh Archibald
  2. McGeorge Archibald
  3. Dylan Atkins
  4. Tom Atkins
  5. Carlotta Schuyler Cliff
  6. Carly Cliff
  7. Charlotte Cliff
  8. Clifford Cliff V
  9. Clifford "Rad" Cliff VI
  10. Virginia Madson Cliff
  11. Melinda Dorsey
  12. Chief Dennis Dubois
  13. Virgil Dubois
  14. Dick Francis
  15. Maud Francis
  16. Tripoli "Trip" Genovisiano
  17. Elizabeth Goswell
  18. Anais Grace
  19. Oliver Hagger
  20. Running Dog Levenstein
  21. Jonas Olson
  22. Reverend Satchel M. Orland
  23. Margaret Peabody
  24. Ty Powell
  25. Adam Simpson
  26. Sunny Southern
  27. Alice Crick Watson