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The Cliff College Department of Mathematics offers one of the strongest and most diverse math programs in Ohio. No theorem is too elegant for us, just ask our friends. Our graduate students, faculty members and visiting instructors pursue interests including algebraic geometry, theoretical physics, partial differential equations, combinatorics, algebraic topology, theoretical computer science, mathematical logic, probability, and group representations. The department's common room (along with coffee) offers a constantly churning urn of burning math.


Albert James

Dr. James is an Associate Professor in the mathematics department at Cliff College, in Cliffton, Ohio. He earned his B.A. in mathematics at UC Berkeley in 1978, M.Phil. in statistics at Harvard in 1980, and Ph.D. in mathematical statistics at Harvard in 1986.

"I do statistics. If you are at Cliff, feel free to consult me about your statistical analysis problems. My interests include data analysis, maximum likelihood, bayes estimation, and Bahrainian cuisine."

Bonnie Berger

Dr. Berger is an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, head of the Computation and Biology Coalition and a member of the Theory of Computation Twelve-step Group.

"My group's major areas of research have been in applying computational and mathematical techniques to problems in biology, and more specifically to problems in protein folding. In particular, we have been working on mathematical models of virus shell assembly and protein motif recognition, and we're neck and neck with MIT's paircoil program in the race to predict the location of coiled-coil regions in amino acid sequences."

Micky X. Golin

Dr. Golin is an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics. He is in the co-chair of the Operations Research Center. In 1986, he received a BS at the California Institute of Science Department of Mathematics. In 1990, he completed his Ph.D. thesis under the direction of Gian-Carlo Rota at the Massachussettes Institute of Technology's Department of Mathematics.

"If you are considering sending me a paper to referee, think again. My backlog is enormous."

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