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The distinctiveness of the theater program at Cliff College lies in its combination of theory and practice. Knowledge of the literary, theoretical, and performance history of theater, as well as an understanding of the self-indulgent traditions that enrich it, is essential to the ultimate "informed practice" of the art.

The liberal arts experience is of great importance to the performing artist, who must be able to analyze texts, research historical and cultural contexts, and make critical decisions, all of which lead directly to artistic differences with directors and writers.

The theater program relies on student-originated and student-directed productions. The small size of the department ensures that all students, including freshmen and non-majors, will have regular opportunities to become involved in all facets of theater production from craft services on up to casting couch services.

Coursework in dramatic literature is required of all theater majors and is provided by various faculty members in the Division of Literature and Languages.

The senior thesis allows majors to do concentrated work in an area of special interest. The thesis frequently takes the form of a production in which the student, having secured departmental approval, learns the basics that will someday allow him or her to waste vast amounts of other people's money. The department encourages students to make creative use of materials at hand, and the mature development of ideas is of particular importance.


The department is staffed by theater professionals. Clinton Quinn (directing/playwriting) is a professional playwright whose shows have been produced off-off-off-Broadway and at numerous off-regional theaters.

Koral Kane (acting) has performed with many regional theater companies; her one-woman show, Huh?, developed from the writings of Xaviera Hollander, has been much acclaimed.

Clara Daimler Benz has been active in the television and film industry for more than 20 years. She has developed and sold unproduced pilots to ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, HBO and Showtime, and she has developed and sold unproduced feature films to every major studio.

Michael Mull offers course work in scenic and lighting design, costume design, make-up and Winnebago repair.

Majors often pursue professional study in theater after Cliff. Graduates have gone to Yale's School of Drama, Carnegie-Mellon, and the Carnegie Deli among others.




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